Topics Covered in Your Scientific Hypnosis Training

  • Scientific Hypnotherapy – What it is and how it works
  • Brainwave Hypnotherapy technology and training
  • Linguistical training in altering incorrect and confusing words
  • How to conduct a successful intake before the hypnosis process
  • Pin-point hypnotherapy training
  • Suggestibility exercises and techniques
  • Interactive and Physical Hypnosis Processes
  • Shock induction methods and techniques
  • Rapid Inductions – Hypnotize your clients in seconds
  • Confusion and misdirection methods to hypnotize clients
  • Deepening Techniques – Methods to produce enhanced receptive states
  • The art of suggestion for hypnotists and their clients
  • Emotion Replacement Therapy Mind Science Technology
  • Stop Smoking with E.R.T.
  • E.R.T. Weight Loss Methods
  • E.R.T. to remove fears and phobias
  • E.R.T. for addiction removal
  • Neurofeedback Brainwave frequency monitoring
  • How to conduct online hypnotherapy sessions over the Internet
  • LIVE Sessions
  • Lots of “Hands On” practice of all the methods
  • Self-Hypnosis techniques for yourself and your clients
  • Hypnosis safety will also be taught in this course.

Each day, the entire class will be hypnotized by Tom Silver to install confidence, focus, and motivation in learning all the methods and processes.
The course also includes a full training manual with hypnosis and E.R.T. scripts.