What is Scientific Hypnosis?

What is Scientific Hypnosis?

You are here because
you may be curious about hypnosis?
What it is and what you can do
with it? Then you’ve come to the
right page. We would like to give
you an idea of ​​what hypnosis is
and what the scientific approach
looks like, so that you get a feel
for what this entails.

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What is Scientific Hypnosis?

That is often the best question to start with. You want to know what is something you are paying attention to and whether it suits you. So you wonder, “What is EEG neuroscience hypnotherapy?” Tom Silver worked on the different levels of brainwave frequency monitoring, analysis and understanding of how the mind really works.
In doing so, he took hypnosis to a whole new level. It means that Tom Silver is taking measurements of an electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor your brain wave activity during the hypnosis sessions. Tom shows instant real-time feedback through EEG, which verifies when you reach the deepest sensitive level of brainwave activity. This is the ideal state and condition for applying hypnotherapy techniques and suggestions and ERT, which will achieve the greatest effectiveness with you in making the desired subconscious changes.

Scientific hypnosis aims to view hypnosis at a deeper level than functionality alone. It wants to explain not only what hypnosis is and how it works, but also why it works, by diving into the science behind the techniques. By viewing the results of, among other things, EEG scans in real time, it is possible to obtain an objective picture of what is happening in the subject’s brain.

Through scientific hypnosis, we can study how the mind affects the various nervous systems in the body: which neurochemicals are produced by the brain and released into the body under hypnosis; how the different wavelengths of brainwave frequency can be activated and monitored and then what the effects of these different states are.

This provides immediate feedback on the efficiency of the techniques used. With the help of this feedback, the techniques and processes can then improve by fine-tuning them based on the results. These results are visible not only in the actual data but in the incredible changes in the lives of Tom’s, our, and after the training, your clients.

Tom Silver:

“I can help you gain a better understanding of hypnosis as well as increase your confidence. By teaching you methods that really work that will develop and expand your tool box of hypnosis techniques, you will be equipped to choose, depending on your subject’s background and problem, whichever induction technique, deepening method and treatment that most suits the situation. My hypnosis training lectures and seminars will elevate your knowledge to become a scientific hypnotherapist.”

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